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Flash Film has a growing collection of stunning ultra-short film scripts for anyone to make show-reel and film festival content from.


At Flash-Film, our purpose is to provide the best possible 2-page scripts, that deliver entire stories, taxing the actors to perform to the best of their ability, whilst being very aware of production costs and ensuring that each film can be made to tight budgets and in a short time period. We want you to get results in a flash - not weeks or months down the line.

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Our services cover everything from discovering the perfect screenplay for your skills, to helping with getting your film shot, edited, and delivered as a final product.

If you are a screenwriter, submit your scripts for review and you could start earning money each time they get made, and your script can be used multiple times. It's free to submit.

If you're an actor and would like to be considered to appear in someone else's production, send us your info for a free listing.

Part of a film-making crew, composer, editor? Contact us and get your details added for free to our directory.

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Latest Screenplays

The Time Capsule
By Nick Fletcher
17 July 2024

Placing her message in a time capsule, Sinda meets someone unexpected, is initially disappointed and then, after a prediction comes true, totally bought into their story. Is time travel real, and can she do something about the future of the world?

The Reader
By Jen Lyon
21 June 2024

Self-taping auditions comes with its own difficulties but in this story it's not necessarily the reader who is the centre of attention. A fun and engaging look at what could happen if your acting gets outshone.

Nick Got Cursed
By Steven Lee
12 June 2024

This sticky situation deals with misplaced transphobia, magic, and a cursed man who is trying to avoid a certain situation. The world of the story accepts whatever someone identifies as, but the practicalities of avoiding the curse make life difficult.

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Latest Screenwriters

Steven Lee
Steven Lee

Steven’s writing explores characters from an intimate and often comedic perspective, depicting relatable outsiders who find themselves in unique and surreal settings. He also loves writing big genre movies, packed full of action. 

Philip F Webb
Philip F Webb

Philip F Webb writes horror, fantasy and sci-fi, as well as having published a children's book 'Lily of Atlantis'. He prefers the dark side of fiction.

Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Lynwood Shiva Sawyer

Lynwood “Shiva” Sawyer was raised in the oral storytelling tradition of the American South and strives to write scripts with resonant emotional depth, scripts that producers want to produce, directors want to direct, and actors want to star in.

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