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Latest Screenplays

By JK Murphy
01 November 2022

After 88 days being imprisoned in a garage, Olga is finally freed by her captor, yelling something about dying. Her first instinct is to get home but when she reaches the house, she finds out that the world is about to end.

By Michael van Koetsveld
27 October 2022

A devastated man finally responds to a friend trying to help him, despite his protests. Is there a spark of hope there, just at the end?

An intense, claustrophobic peek into a mind dealing with a broken heart.

By Nick Zabierek
18 October 2022

Vic, a scumbag male villain, has the upper hand on two women in this tight thriller until they reveal they are the ones with the true power as they strike out and reverse the situation.

Set in a single room and involving some physical interaction, this script will have the whole crew breathing hard by the end.

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Latest Screenwriters

JK Murphy
JK Murphy

Jennifer specializes in stories featuring assorted misfits and dreamers, mainly in the historical fiction and children’s literature genres.

Nick Zabierek
Nick Zabierek

Nick graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a Master's degree in Screenwriting for TV & Film.

Liz Holliday
Liz Holliday

Liz Holliday is an award winning short story writer who has also written tv novelisations, for games and for children.

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