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Latest Screenplays

Twice the Fool
By Jonah Jones
29 May 2024

Terry is setting his Mum up for a Halloween surprise, but this twisty horror turns the tables when she finds out exactly what he did. Opportunity for great make-up and a careful shooting schedule to get all the bits right.

The Old Cold Steel
By Nigel Dobson
28 May 2024

A curious story that twists around like a snake, intentionally pushing you to think one thing and then another all the way through, leaving you pondering the reality of online profile images and body-image.

James pays a visit to a suburban house where things are not what they seem. Interactions with a woman at the door and a young lad upstairs play out in zig-zag fashion until the purpose of the visit is revealed... but even that has layers of intrigue wrapped around it.

Quite a handful in a 4-page script, but something worthwhile to get your teeth into.

By Travis Seppala
21 May 2024

This monologue digs deeply into the feelings of the protagonist who is talking at an AA meeting, reminiscing about his recently deceased father and the dad's magic trick that the son could never figure out. Elements of humour at the end lighten this piece and will leave you feeling hopeful.

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Latest Screenwriters

Jonah Jones
Jonah Jones

Jonah has had one short script produced and he co-wrote two more: one script in production, one in pre-production. Both feature-length and short scripts have won awards.

Nigel Dobson
Nigel Dobson

Nigel graduated in Film, Radio, Television / English Literature from Canterbury Christ Church University. Having directed documentaries for Channel 4 and ITV, he currently works as a freelance writer/researcher/developer across a range of genres; television, docs, and feature films.

Travis Seppala
Travis Seppala

Travis Seppala is a produced screenwriter who‟s also placed in more than 40 contests and done numerous paid writing assignments for film, TV, and video games. He writes primarily horror, thriller, and sci-fi.

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