About Us

Flash Film has been set up by Michael van Koetsveld with a huge amount of assistance, encouragement and great ideas from Nick Fletcher. The concept was born over a few glasses of wine but honed in the cold light of day.

"I think it's got legs," said Nick. "Something that everyone involved in filmmaking can engage with."

Both have been writing scripts and making films for a number of years. Both have a passion for making engaging and cost-effective productions. They are both listed on this site in the screenwriters section, so you can see a bit more about them and their writing there. They have been pals for years, inventing and testing games on each other as well as pushing their writing expertise through challenges in screenplays and prose.

"This feels like an ideal opportunity to get the filmmaking world together to help each other get something made, something amazing, that can be used for showreels or festivals," said Michael.

If you would like to help promote Flash Film, why not download one of these PNG files and put it on your website, or a t-shirt, or a mug? We can provide print-ready files. Let's Network!

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