These are the crews who can make the films with you. Each team will have submitted a test film to us so we can make sure that they are up to standard. At a minimum, each team will be a single film-maker who does it all!

However, we are trying to ensure that most teams have a camera operator, sound recorder and lighting tech. Some may have more, and some will combine roles. As we grow, you will find teams near you so everything can be done as locally as possible to keep the costs down.

Godalming Filmmakers Group
Godalming Filmmakers Group

The first group posted, and an example of what you could have listed if you're interested.

Godalming, Surrey, UK

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  • A decent photo, doesn't have to be a professional headshot, something that captures your personality is best. We're trying to make this a friendly site where people want to connect.
  • A list of the members of your crew if you have them
  • A list of the combined skills of your team. Director, editor, compositor, anything else?
  • A list of the gear you can provide to the production
  • Details of where you are located and how far you are prepared to travel to a production
  • A list of any links to showreels/videos/websites - including IMDB if you have a page
  • A list of any awards you have won

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