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Nick Got Cursed

By Steven Lee


Black Comedy, Fantasy, Car, Office, Three Pages

This sticky situation deals with misplaced transphobia, magic, and a cursed man who is trying to avoid a certain situation. The world of the story accepts whatever someone identifies as, but the practicalities of avoiding the curse make life difficult.

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By Nick Fletcher


Comedy, Car, House, Three Pages

Are computers taking over the world? Certainly in Barry's life, his car is coming back with attitude and this quirky comedy explores how such a conversation may happen in the not too distant future.

Some imagination and editing flair could have this one zinging off the screen.

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Two Thirty

By Michael van Koetsveld


Black Comedy, Bedroom, House, Two Pages, Trigger - Swearing

A concerned woman tries to rouse her friend after a serious night out and reveals just how much trouble she might be in. A snippet of life, not necessarily lived to its full potential.

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The Sample

By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Living Room, Two Pages

When a tetchy patient misinterprets a medic's request, things get messy, and accusations fly. A comedy about how different cultures and the misuse of words can cause confusion.

Comment available from Simon Cox.

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Geek Love

By Sam Kurd


Comedy, Romance, Park, Pub, No Dialogue, Two Pages

Love blossoms in the garden of a pub where two nerds catch each others' eye and use the language of their obsessions to communicate.

Comment available from Zanna Cardash.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Living Room, Two Pages

A wife's frustration at her husband's interruptions to the TV show they're watching fall spookily in line with the commentary, and she gets the last word.

Comments available from Lucy Linger and Simon Cox.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Drama, Park, Three Pages

Jealousy rears it's ugly head between two friends having lunch in a park. Can they resolve it before their meal is ruined?

Comment available from Bob Schultz.

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The Tooth Fairy

By Jen Lyon


Comedy, Fantasy, Bedroom, Two Pages

How old is too old for the tooth fairy?

Our protagonist Rachel has had a tooth removed and insists on taking it home with her from the dentist. Putting it under her pillow that night triggers something, and it's much bigger than she was anticipating. Do you still believe in the tooth fairy? She thinks you should!

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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Blind Date

By Noel Davila


Comedy, Romance, Dining Room, Restaurant, Two Pages

Maranda is nervously waiting for her blind date John whilst chatting to her friend Beth, who reminds her to keep an open mind.

Maranda has to pull out all the stops to comply when she finally meets the real John.

Comments available from Lucy V Hay and Simon Cox.

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The Spirit of Ingram

By Jen Lyon


Comedy, Drama, Shop, Two Pages

Sarah and Norm's antique shop has just the thing that Linda, an American tourist, has been looking for - a bowl that represents a deep connection with her great grandmother. Sarah hears her sob story and, despite Norm's objections, helps Linda's cause in an unexpected way.

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The Confessional

By Nick Fletcher


Comedy, Church, Two Pages

A contrite but somewhat reserved woman finds that her priest has an unexpected new way of extracting her confession.

This comedy had a table read at a writer's class recently and had the room in stitches. It's a very clever script that forces the woman to really act the pants off it and the priest to be so aloof that it adds to the ramping up of the tension that elicits the confession to come out in full.

The reveal is exquisite and unexpected.

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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Rehoming Centre

By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Drama, Living Room, Two Pages

What starts as a heartbroken chat opens up possibilities that bring out the smiles once more.

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