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The Time Capsule

By Nick Fletcher


Drama, Science Fiction, Meeting Room, Village Hall, Three Pages

Placing her message in a time capsule, Sinda meets someone unexpected, is initially disappointed and then, after a prediction comes true, totally bought into their story. Is time travel real, and can she do something about the future of the world?

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The Reader

By Jen Lyon


Drama, Kitchen, Office, Three Pages

Self-taping auditions comes with its own difficulties but in this story it's not necessarily the reader who is the centre of attention. A fun and engaging look at what could happen if your acting gets outshone.

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Bad Boy

By Philip F Webb


Drama, Basement, Kitchen, Two Pages, Trigger - Abduction, Trigger - Psychological Torture

A woman's tidy day turns dark and sinister when the recipient of her impeccably made sandwich is revealed. She's certainly in control, but what on earth happened to get the man into this situation? 

There will need to be some skilful acting to show all her sides and the loss of defiance from the man.

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Edge of the World

By Philip F Webb


Drama, Bedroom, Hallway, House, Kitchen, Living Room, End Of The World, No Dialogue, Two Pages, Trigger - Claustrophobia, Trigger - Natural Disaster, Trigger - Suicide

Something has happened in the world but we can't see what it is through the claustrophobically taped up windows throughout this story, until the protagonist steps outside at the end. 

The person playing this part will get to show all sorts of emotion and feeling - an ideal showcase piece.

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Pecos Diamond

By Lynwood Shiva Sawyer


Drama, Living Room, Two Pages

A force-of-nature widow reflects on her husband, Turner, and rebellious daughter, Remi, who is making what her mother thinks are dubious decisions. 

There's a darkness to Constance that gets revealed slowly through this monologue as she laments on her daughter's life choices and reflects on her own.

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The Old Cold Steel

By Nigel Dobson


Drama, Family, Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, House, Four Pages

A curious story that twists around like a snake, intentionally pushing you to think one thing and then another all the way through, leaving you pondering the reality of online profile images and body-image.

James pays a visit to a suburban house where things are not what they seem. Interactions with a woman at the door and a young lad upstairs play out in zig-zag fashion until the purpose of the visit is revealed... but even that has layers of intrigue wrapped around it.

Quite a handful in a 4-page script, but something worthwhile to get your teeth into.

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By Travis Seppala


Drama, Meeting Room, Village Hall, Two Pages, Trigger - Addiction

This monologue digs deeply into the feelings of the protagonist who is talking at an AA meeting, reminiscing about his recently deceased father and the dad's magic trick that the son could never figure out. Elements of humour at the end lighten this piece and will leave you feeling hopeful.

Comment available from Zanna Cardash.

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By JK Murphy


Drama, Garage, Living Room, Park, End Of The World, Two Pages, Trigger - Abduction

After 88 days being imprisoned in a garage, Olga is finally freed by her captor, yelling something about dying. Her first instinct is to get home but when she reaches the house, she finds out that the world is about to end.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Bedroom, Two Pages

A devastated man is surprised by a friend trying to help him, despite his protests. Her insistence on mundane practicalities might be just what he needs.

An intense, claustrophobic peek into a mind dealing with a broken heart.

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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Perfect Timing

By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Thriller, Dining Room, Kitchen, End Of The World, Two Pages, Trigger - Self Harm, Trigger - Suicide

Depression can push people to the very edge, but every cloud has a silver lining, even the end of the world. This two-header is intensely dark at the start and turns joyous by the end - something to get your teeth into.

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By Liz Holliday


Drama, Bathroom, Bedroom, No Dialogue, Two Pages, Trigger - Abortion

A woman faces up to the consequences of her actions and makes a big decision in this intense and demanding story with no dialogue.

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The End of the Road

By Nick Fletcher


Drama, Romance, Café, Car, House, Pub, Three Pages

Jed chats with his Gramps on the way home from his 80th birthday party, about life and love. Gramps has a feeling something important is about to happen.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Bedroom, Two Pages, Trigger - Bullying, Trigger - Sexual Violence

What will happen when a drunken man tries to force his way into a bedroom late at night? Will a locked door be enough to keep him out?

Not every situation is as it seems at first glance, and the twist in this story's tail puts a whole different slant on the dynamics of the roles in this situation. 

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Drama, Park, Three Pages

Jealousy rears it's ugly head between two friends having lunch in a park. Can they resolve it before their meal is ruined?

Comment available from Bob Schultz.

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The Spirit of Ingram

By Jen Lyon


Comedy, Drama, Shop, Two Pages

Sarah and Norm's antique shop has just the thing that Linda, an American tourist, has been looking for - a bowl that represents a deep connection with her great grandmother. Sarah hears her sob story and, despite Norm's objections, helps Linda's cause in an unexpected way.

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Being Positive

By Timothy Kestrel


Drama, Tragedy, Bedroom, Two Pages, Trigger - Suicide

This is a dark, intense story about an alcoholic man who has to face a visit to his doctor and shows how he deals with the outcome of the news he receives.

Set in just one room at the start and end of a single day, his path from functioning alcoholic to suicidal desperado is certainly one that any actor would love to get their teeth into.

It has been written for a male actor but could be easily adapted for a female.

You will need some minor props, great foley and clever use of lighting to really bring this to life.

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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The Stopwatch

By Nick Fletcher


Drama, Science Fiction, Lift/Elevator, Two Pages

Selling new magic tricks to the Magic Circle is never easy.

Mel has been brushed off and is not in the mood when Al tries to sell her his invention, and the demo almost catches her out… or does it?

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The Jungfrau

By Nick Fletcher


Drama, Horror, Wilderness, Two Pages, Trigger - Suicide, Trigger - Swearing

A young couple's extreme camping experience gets shared on the internet, but the audience will be small, and not necessarily in their right minds.

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The Public Face

By Nick Fletcher


Crime, Drama, Thriller, Café, Two Pages, Trigger - Swearing

Being a TV star has its benefits and its downfalls, especially when your show is designed to belittle the contestants.

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Rehoming Centre

By Michael van Koetsveld


Comedy, Drama, Living Room, Two Pages

What starts as a heartbroken chat opens up possibilities that bring out the smiles once more.

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Psycho Session

By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Thriller, Living Room, Office, Two Pages, Trigger - Violence

What happens if the one paid to listen is not really "in the room"?

Distraction has its price and, in this case, that price might just be too high to bear.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Hallway, House, Two Pages

A drama with a twist about what happens after a devastating breakup, and who gets custody of the loved ones?

A compact story set in one location but requiring heaps of character from the actors. Will need a little bit of foley in the edit too, but we can help with that.

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