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Twice the Fool

By Jonah Jones


Horror, Hallway, House, Kitchen, Shop, Two Pages

Terry is setting his Mum up for a Halloween surprise, but this twisty horror turns the tables when she finds out exactly what he did. Opportunity for great make-up and a careful shooting schedule to get all the bits right.

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The Old Cold Steel

By Nigel Dobson


Drama, Family, Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, House, Four Pages

A curious story that twists around like a snake, intentionally pushing you to think one thing and then another all the way through, leaving you pondering the reality of online profile images and body-image.

James pays a visit to a suburban house where things are not what they seem. Interactions with a woman at the door and a young lad upstairs play out in zig-zag fashion until the purpose of the visit is revealed... but even that has layers of intrigue wrapped around it.

Quite a handful in a 4-page script, but something worthwhile to get your teeth into.

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By Michael van Koetsveld


Drama, Hallway, House, Two Pages

A drama with a twist about what happens after a devastating breakup, and who gets custody of the loved ones?

A compact story set in one location but requiring heaps of character from the actors. Will need a little bit of foley in the edit too, but we can help with that.

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