A devastated man finally responds to a friend trying to help him, despite his protests. Is there a spark of hope there, just at the end?

An intense, claustrophobic peek into a mind dealing with a broken heart.


Female Characters
Male Characters
Intimacy / Contact
Character Descriptions
Woman is on the phone (V.O. only) but this could be done with any combination of characters who might end up together.


No. of Locations
Location Description
A simple bedroom scene and mainly one angle.
Props Required
Tissues, Phone, Lamp

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How much?!
1. Cheap as Chips  
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Here are the comments from our panel of screenwriter professionals about this script.

HEAL is a poignant tale about a young man going through a bad break-up, something most people have experience – and bad memories! – of. The end of a first love can threaten to destroy us, but this poignant little story reminds us about the true power of friendship and how simply being involved and empathising – whether a suffering person likes it or not – can help save a life.

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