• By Travis Seppala
  • 21-May-2024
  • Drama, Meeting Room, Village Hall, Two Pages, Trigger - Addiction


This monologue digs deeply into the feelings of the protagonist who is talking at an AA meeting, reminiscing about his recently deceased father and the dad's magic trick that the son could never figure out. Elements of humour at the end lighten this piece and will leave you feeling hopeful.

Comment available from Zanna Cardash.


Female Characters
Male Characters
Intimacy / Contact
Character Description
Mike is a man in his 30s, trying to keep his life together and fighting his alcohol addiction. Could just as easily be played by a woman.


No. of Locations
Location Description
A podium in a small hall. The script says it's half full of disinterested people but clever camera work and a bit of foley would mean that the audience could be implied rather than present, making this a shoot for one person.
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Here are the comments from our panel of screenwriter professionals about this script.

Set in an AA meeting room, this monologue packs a moving emotional punch into little more than a page. After the death of the ‘sonuvabitch’ father he despised, a 30-year-old, former alcoholic (written as male, but would suit a female actor just as well) explains his history with the man who forced him to seek refuge in drug-addled escapes.

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