The Old Cold Steel

  • By Nigel Dobson
  • 28-May-2024
  • Drama, Family, Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, House, Four Pages


A curious story that twists around like a snake, intentionally pushing you to think one thing and then another all the way through, leaving you pondering the reality of online profile images and body-image.

James pays a visit to a suburban house where things are not what they seem. Interactions with a woman at the door and a young lad upstairs play out in zig-zag fashion until the purpose of the visit is revealed... but even that has layers of intrigue wrapped around it.

Quite a handful in a 4-page script, but something worthwhile to get your teeth into.


Female Characters
Male Characters
Intimacy / Contact
Touching a face in suggestive way but not intimate. Kisses on the cheek.
Character Descriptions
Three members of an estranged family, dad, mum and son, together with mum's current paramour (heard but not seen) and the son's two fantasy fan-girls make this a busy little shoot.


No. of Locations
Location Description
At the front of the townhouse, in the hall and upstairs in bedroom and bathroom - watch out for reflections! A fairly large bathroom would make this less of a squeeze.
Props Required
Shaving kit and SFX makeup

Budget Estimate

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How much?!
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