The Tooth Fairy

  • By Jen Lyon
  • 15-Jul-2022
  • Comedy, Fantasy, Bedroom, Two Pages


How old is too old for the tooth fairy? You won't know unless you try.


Female Characters
Male Characters
Intimacy / Contact
Character Description
Could be any age or gender as long as they are within range of having a mortgage.


No. of Locations
Location Description
A front door/hallway and a bedroom in any house. The script calls for a pet, could be anything, but will need to be visible and controllable (cat, dog or even a fish in a bowl).
Props Required
Tooth, Small clear plastic bag, Mobile phone, Pet

Budget Estimate

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How much?!
1. Cheap as Chips  
2. Help Required
3. Deep Pockets


Here are the comments from our panel of screenwriter professionals about this script.

When do children stop believing in the tooth fairy? Why do we have to grow up – and even if we do, why can’t we take joy from childish things? This fun short examines childhood beliefs (and when they cease) but seeks to bring a little magic to adult life. THE TOOTH FAIRY is an economical story that really hits home … literally!

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