JK Murphy

Based in England

Jennifer Kildee Murphy (JK Murphy) grew up in southern California and lived in NY while studying for an MFA degree in dramaturgy. She now lives in London, where she was selected for the London Screenwriter’s Festival Talent Campus 6.0.

Jennifer specializes in stories featuring assorted misfits and dreamers, mainly in the historical fiction and children’s literature genres. Her children’s picture book, Sammy and Comet Spark the Sky, was published in June 2022 under the pen name Peaches Murphy. She’s currently working on her first novel, a female-led western thriller. 

Find out more about Jennifer and her stories for children at www.peachesmurphy.com.

JK Murphy

Screenplays by JK



Drama, Garage, Living Room, Park, End Of The World, Two Pages, Trigger - Abduction

After 88 days being imprisoned in a garage, Olga is finally freed by her captor, yelling something about dying. Her first instinct is to get home but when she reaches the house, she finds out that the world is about to end.

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