Liz Holliday

Based in England

Liz Holliday is an award winning short story writer who has also written tv novelisations, for games and for children. Her journalism has appeared in Fear magazine, the Guardian and SFX. She has taken Game of Thrones' creator George RR Martin to lunch, talked politics with Star Trek's Nichelle Nicholls and almost missed meeting Terry Pratchett on Paddington Station (thank heavens for his hat). However, she doesn't have a cat so she's not sure she can really call herself a writer.


Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology of the Year. ('By the Cold of the Moon' in Fantasy from the Ends of the Earth Volume 2.) Runner up for the Crime Writers' Association short story award for 'And She Laughed'. This story was also adapted for the North American TV show The Hunger, fronted by David Bowie. Lots of 'honourable mentions' in the various genre 'Best of the Year' volumes. Wrote a film that has been included in LSF's "The Impact".

Liz Holliday

Screenplays by Liz



Drama, Bathroom, Bedroom, No Dialogue, Two Pages, Trigger - Abortion

A woman faces up to the consequences of her actions and makes a big decision in this intense and demanding story with no dialogue.

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