Lynwood Shiva Sawyer

Based in England and the U.S.A.

Today’s Look, Yesterday’s Feel.

Lynwood “Shiva” Sawyer was raised in the oral storytelling tradition of the American South and can’t count the number of summer nights he spent on verandas, drenched in the buzzing of cicadas, listening to family narratives polished (and embellished!) over generations.

His craft was honed in the trenches by old Hollywood hands (one of whom remarked, "You have what we call a story mind."), the New York independent film community (including the Troma gang) and years of study with disciples of the silent Indian master, Meher Baba.

Having no concept of comfort zone, Shiva led a sui generis life that defies summarization that provided him with a wealth of characters and experiences to draw upon.

People fascinate him, their quirks, idiosyncrasies, especially their darker aspects. Characters, even those whom he finds repugnant, tell him their stories.

He strives to write scripts with resonant emotional depth, scripts that producers want to produce, directors want to direct, actors want to star in. Stories that enthral audiences and inspire them to tell their friends. Scripts that will make entertaining movies devoid of preaching, proselytizing or ideology.

Scripts in development: ‘The Country Gentlewoman’ [comedy short in pre-production by Virago Productions: Ellie Dinnes (Producer), Hope Lines (Director)].


2021 Page Turner Screenplay Award (Finalist) with "Cryptolantes"; 2023 Final Draft - Big Break (Semi-Finalist) with "My Brother Fruitcake"; 2023 Page Turner Screenplay Awards (Finalist) with "Hear Me Roar"; plus many others.

Lynwood Shiva Sawyer

Screenplays by Lynwood

Pecos Diamond


Drama, Living Room, Two Pages

A force-of-nature widow reflects on her husband, Turner, and rebellious daughter, Remi, who is making what her mother thinks are dubious decisions. 

There's a darkness to Constance that gets revealed slowly through this monologue as she laments on her daughter's life choices and reflects on her own.

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