Michael van Koetsveld

Based in England

Occasionally seen as a Supporting Artist in various productions, Michael has also recently been an Editor on a world-record-breaking feature film, "The Impact" by Create 50 Films.

Michael's short film "Falling in Love" made several successful festival appearances.

Michael set up the New Forest Film Festival, was instrumental in setting up the Godalming Film Festival and was a committee member of the Godalming Film Society for over ten years.

Michael is writing his first novel and can sometimes be found at the London Comedy Writers Group, presenting or reviewing scripts.

You can find out more about Michael as a filmmaker here and on his new and shiny Script Revolution page here.


First recipient of the Godalming Film Society Funding Award in 2016.

Michael van Koetsveld

Screenplays by Michael

Two Thirty


Black Comedy, Bedroom, House, Two Pages, Trigger - Swearing

A concerned woman tries to rouse her friend after a serious night out and reveals just how much trouble she might be in. A snippet of life, not necessarily lived to its full potential.

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The Sample


Comedy, Living Room, Two Pages

When a tetchy patient misinterprets a medic's request, things get messy, and accusations fly. A comedy about how different cultures and the misuse of words can cause confusion.

Comment available from Simon Cox.

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Drama, Bedroom, Two Pages

A devastated man is surprised by a friend trying to help him, despite his protests. Her insistence on mundane practicalities might be just what he needs.

An intense, claustrophobic peek into a mind dealing with a broken heart.

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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Perfect Timing


Drama, Thriller, Dining Room, Kitchen, End Of The World, Two Pages, Trigger - Self Harm, Trigger - Suicide

Depression can push people to the very edge, but every cloud has a silver lining, even the end of the world. This two-header is intensely dark at the start and turns joyous by the end - something to get your teeth into.

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Comedy, Living Room, Two Pages

A wife's frustration at her husband's interruptions to the TV show they're watching fall spookily in line with the commentary, and she gets the last word.

Comments available from Lucy Linger and Simon Cox.

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Drama, Bedroom, Two Pages, Trigger - Bullying, Trigger - Sexual Violence

What will happen when a drunken man tries to force his way into a bedroom late at night? Will a locked door be enough to keep him out?

Not every situation is as it seems at first glance, and the twist in this story's tail puts a whole different slant on the dynamics of the roles in this situation. 

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Comedy, Drama, Park, Three Pages

Jealousy rears it's ugly head between two friends having lunch in a park. Can they resolve it before their meal is ruined?

Comment available from Bob Schultz.

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Seeing Senses


Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office, Two Pages

A night out with new friends triggers a strange new ability in the protagonist, who ends up blurting about it to the world on their next vlog recording.

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Rehoming Centre


Comedy, Drama, Living Room, Two Pages

What starts as a heartbroken chat opens up possibilities that bring out the smiles once more.

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Psycho Session


Drama, Thriller, Living Room, Office, Two Pages, Trigger - Violence

What happens if the one paid to listen is not really "in the room"?

Distraction has its price and, in this case, that price might just be too high to bear.

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Drama, Hallway, House, Two Pages

A drama with a twist about what happens after a devastating breakup, and who gets custody of the loved ones?

A compact story set in one location but requiring heaps of character from the actors. Will need a little bit of foley in the edit too, but we can help with that.

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