Nick Fletcher

Based in England

Nick has been involved in making films since January 2000. He was Managing Director of The Ghost Film Company which produced an anthology feature film "Tales of the Fourth Dimension", presented by Richard O'Brien. Nick co-wrote and directed the episode "Last Chance Saloon" starring Heather Craney (BAFTA nominated for Vera Drake).

Following a stint at Farnham Films as Art Director on the feature film "Enchantress" he then set up Laid Back Films and was Writer/Producer and Director of "Monsoon Tide", a feature film set in India, and also produced a short film "Falling in Love".

Nick has written feature scripts and a number of short films for Flash Film.

You can find out more about Nick as a filmmaker here.

Nick Fletcher

Screenplays by Nick

The Time Capsule


Drama, Science Fiction, Meeting Room, Village Hall, Three Pages

Placing her message in a time capsule, Sinda meets someone unexpected, is initially disappointed and then, after a prediction comes true, totally bought into their story. Is time travel real, and can she do something about the future of the world?

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Comedy, Car, House, Three Pages

Are computers taking over the world? Certainly in Barry's life, his car is coming back with attitude and this quirky comedy explores how such a conversation may happen in the not too distant future.

Some imagination and editing flair could have this one zinging off the screen.

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The End of the Road


Drama, Romance, Café, Car, House, Pub, Three Pages

Jed chats with his Gramps on the way home from his 80th birthday party, about life and love. Gramps has a feeling something important is about to happen.

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The Stopwatch


Drama, Science Fiction, Lift/Elevator, Two Pages

Selling new magic tricks to the Magic Circle is never easy.

Mel has been brushed off and is not in the mood when Al tries to sell her his invention, and the demo almost catches her out… or does it?

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The Confessional


Comedy, Church, Two Pages

A contrite but somewhat reserved woman finds that her priest has an unexpected new way of extracting her confession.

This comedy had a table read at a writer's class recently and had the room in stitches. It's a very clever script that forces the woman to really act the pants off it and the priest to be so aloof that it adds to the ramping up of the tension that elicits the confession to come out in full.

The reveal is exquisite and unexpected.

Comment available from Lucy V Hay.

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The Jungfrau


Drama, Horror, Wilderness, Two Pages, Trigger - Suicide, Trigger - Swearing

A young couple's extreme camping experience gets shared on the internet, but the audience will be small, and not necessarily in their right minds.

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The Public Face


Crime, Drama, Thriller, Café, Two Pages, Trigger - Swearing

Being a TV star has its benefits and its downfalls, especially when your show is designed to belittle the contestants.

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