Nick Zabierek

Based in England

Having graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a Master's degree in Screenwriting for TV & Film, Nick has received recognition for projects including winning the award for Best New Feature Script at the Out of the Can Film Festival in 2019, for his thriller ‘NO ORDINARY GIRL’, the production of his short film script 'J’, and serving as an executive producer for a short drama film entitled ‘ODDITY’.

Two of his feature films became quarterfinalists in screenplay competitions (Page Awards 2021 and the Scriptation Competition 2021). He has also had two short stories published in anthology books. Nick is drawn to strong characters and voice-driven stories that break out of the typical tropes of their genres.

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Best New Feature Script at the Out of the Can Film Festival in 2019

Nick Zabierek

Screenplays by Nick



Action, Crime, Thriller, Living Room, Two Pages, Trigger - Sexism, Trigger - Violence

Vic, a scumbag male villain, has the upper hand on two women in this tight thriller until they reveal they are the ones with the true power as they strike out and reverse the situation.

Set in a single room and involving some physical interaction, this script will have the whole crew breathing hard by the end.

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