Philip F Webb

Based in England

Born and raised in Croydon & London, moved to Leeds in his very late 20's (it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

He has had too many retail and service industry jobs, the upside to this is it has given him lots of opportunities for "people watching" and a wealth of characters based on those observations (and a deep mistrust of the general public.)

Published: 'Lily of Atlantis', a childrens "self-help book, cunningly disguised as a fantasy adventure."

'The Kindness of Ravens & Other Tales', a collection of short stories, exploring his love of the darker side of fantasy, horror and sci-fi as well as, hopefully, a little fun and some lighter tales as well.

Has nothing produced, so far, is working towards directing his first short.

His website probably needs work, and updating.

Screenplays by Philip

Bad Boy


Drama, Basement, Kitchen, Two Pages, Trigger - Abduction, Trigger - Psychological Torture

A woman's tidy day turns dark and sinister when the recipient of her impeccably made sandwich is revealed. She's certainly in control, but what on earth happened to get the man into this situation? 

There will need to be some skilful acting to show all her sides and the loss of defiance from the man.

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Edge of the World


Drama, Bedroom, Hallway, House, Kitchen, Living Room, End Of The World, No Dialogue, Two Pages, Trigger - Claustrophobia, Trigger - Natural Disaster, Trigger - Suicide

Something has happened in the world but we can't see what it is through the claustrophobically taped up windows throughout this story, until the protagonist steps outside at the end. 

The person playing this part will get to show all sorts of emotion and feeling - an ideal showcase piece.

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