Sam Kurd

Based in England

Sam Kurd is an emerging screenwriter and lover of all things horror, sci-fi and fantasy, particularly with a comedic bent.

Born to an English mother and a Palestinian father, Sam grew up in Jordan and Palestine before returning to England in 2001 and dying of culture shock. His undead corpse is powered by coffee, by anger at the injustices of the world and by the need to see his work filmed.

His most recent works include Seaview (an urban fantasy series, the first 3 episodes of which can be found on Amazon Prime), Troma-esque exploitation comedy short Nurse Meow and the Hunt For Sexy Bigfoot and the upcoming grindhouse action short Slaughter Allie.

His first feature, comedy-horror Hen Party Massacre, is currently in development, and he’s hard at work on writing his second, Call Centre of the Damned.

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Sam Kurd

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Geek Love


Comedy, Romance, Park, Pub, No Dialogue, Two Pages

Love blossoms in the garden of a pub where two nerds catch each others' eye and use the language of their obsessions to communicate.

Comment available from Zanna Cardash.

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