Steven Lee

Based in England

Growing up in a small community in the Shetland Islands, Steven couldn’t help feeling like he was missing out on the excitement going on in the rest of the world. That hunger for new experiences led him on many adventures, including teaching English in China for three years, serving in The Royal Marines and gathering three Master’s Degrees, the most recent being an MA in Screenwriting from the National Film and Television School, where he received a scholarship from Creative Scotland. 

Steven’s writing explores characters from an intimate and often comedic perspective, depicting relatable outsiders who find themselves in unique and surreal settings. He also loves writing big genre movies, packed full of action. 

Steven’s feature, MASSIVE ADRIAN, made it to the final round of the BBC Writer’s Room 2022. His first Pilot made it to the last round of this year’s BBC Pilot program. His first short, KATHY AND JEB, screened at The Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2022. 

Steven is currently working for Toff Guys as a Story Assistant.


Nomination for Best Student Film at the British Short Film Awards, 2023 with "Bandits", his NFTS graduation short.

Steven Lee

Screenplays by Steven

Nick Got Cursed


Black Comedy, Fantasy, Car, Office, Three Pages

This sticky situation deals with misplaced transphobia, magic, and a cursed man who is trying to avoid a certain situation. The world of the story accepts whatever someone identifies as, but the practicalities of avoiding the curse make life difficult.

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