Travis Seppala

Based in the U.S.A.

Travis Seppala is a produced screenwriter who's also placed in more than 50 contests and done numerous paid writing assignments for film, TV, and video games. He writes primarily horror, thriller, and sci-fi.

His first two feature sales, CAPTIVE (produced in 2020) and ELEVATOR GAME (produced in 2022), were both released in 2023.

Travis has also optioned and sold other features and 3 shorts (2 of which have been produced). He's been hired to write a video game script, a handful of shorts, a dozen features, and 13 episodes of unproduced television.

Originally from a lower-middle class family in Michigan with a southern upbringing, Travis is a high-functioning Aspie who has been a writer from an early age – winning his first writing contest at the age of 6. He's also a published poet, wrote the rule book for a card game, and self-published the book “365: A Year of Screenwriting Tips”.

In addition to writing, Travis has also been a chess champion in three states, owns a massive collection of Superman memorabilia, loves spending quality time with his beautiful wife Annette, and has a fondness (obsession?) with cookies.

He's worked jobs in a variety of fields including: production assistant, sous chef, flight attendant, traveling tool salesman, chess teacher, concierge, massage therapist, music teacher for toddlers, and currently works as a dispatcher for a security company.

Travis draws from these life experiences to create diverse characters and stories for his feature and TV scripts.


2022 WRACList (with 4 scripts), 2021 Emerging Screenwriters Top 25 (horror/thriller) and many others.

Travis Seppala

Screenplays by Travis



Drama, Meeting Room, Village Hall, Two Pages, Trigger - Addiction

This monologue digs deeply into the feelings of the protagonist who is talking at an AA meeting, reminiscing about his recently deceased father and the dad's magic trick that the son could never figure out. Elements of humour at the end lighten this piece and will leave you feeling hopeful.

Comment available from Zanna Cardash.

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