Screenwriter Submissions

Are you a Screenwriter?

Perhaps you have a favourite scene lurking in your completed but unmade script pile. If so, this site can help you bring it back to life and into the light of day to be made into some showreel footage.

If you submit your script you will earn a little income when someone elects to make it for their showreel.

We vet all scripts to ensure that they fit our rigorous standards and if they are accepted they get added to the library and you get a profile page on this site to help promote your skills.

Each time someone requests to read your full script, you get an email telling you who they are.

If someone either licenses your script or asks one of our crews to make it into a film with them, you get a writer's fee and, if the end product is really good, we will promote your film to festivals and try and get you a win as a writer.

You will always know who has read your script and they will have signed a contract to only use it for the identified purpose and frequency.

Ready to submit? Read our guidelines and send us your masterpiece!

Submission Guidelines

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