Script Reading

Part of the service that we offer at Flash Film is to read every script and provide notes to help improve each one to the best of its potential. After every script reading, we provide a detailed report about the script's suitability for Flash Film, including notes on where we feel that the story could be tightened up, where dialogue isn't flowing naturally and how the production values can be tweaked to make the project as cost effective as possible.

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Feature Film Script Readings

If you have a feature script that you want to have read and reported on, please contact us at and we can discuss your requirements.


Here is some of the feedback that we've received regarding our script reading service.

"Regarding the format and content of your report, it was the best of the three I had done by different readers. I really liked the fact that I got a report AND the script with notes on the page too. Also, the report containing real-world production considerations like budget, cast size, locations, etc really made it feel like this had the possibility of being an actual real project. I don’t think you need to change a thing!"

Ben Ellis

"This is great Michael. Thank you. And super-fast too. Amazing."

Richard Osborne

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