Terms and Conditions

Flash-film should be looked upon as a tool of connectivity, not an agency, and in no way takes responsibility for 3rd party filming regarding costs of any productions that use the scripts listed on the website, or any adverse events that may arise from such activity. These are the sole responsibility of the producers who are making the films.

The fee that Flash Film charges to license a script is used to pay the writer of that script and help maintain this site. The amount of the fee may change at the discretion of Flash Film, but any licenses already paid for will not change.

If anyone under the age of 18 wants to be listed in any of the categories on the site, Flash Film require written permission from a parent or guardian to create the listing.

Flash Film reserves the right to remove or reject any content put forward for inclusion to the site if they do not feel that it is fitting.

The individual screenwriters have sole responsibility for making sure their script is not defamatory, nor that it infringes on existing copyright protection of other writers.

All external links are the responsibility of the person providing them, but Flash Film ensures that they are checked regularly.

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