Zanna Cardash

Born and raised in London, Zanna’s now based in Bath, UK. A former actor, advertising copywriter then feature-writer, she's now a playwright and screenwriter.

Her first pieces were performed by a cast of other eight-year-olds in the garden. Today, she has a Master's in Scriptwriting and a raft of award-winning scripts under her belt.

Her main claim to fame, to this day, is a role in four episodes of Doctor Who many years ago. Then, somehow, she fell headfirst into commercial writing (bills had to be paid) for many years, before the lure of the performing arts struck her – again – between the eyes.

She's particularly interested in stories that challenge assaults on human values, and are laden with sexual tension. Her themes usually feature protagonists who unexpectedly find themselves fighting in the name of equality, balance and truth.

Zanna runs and hosts the SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, sponsored by Final Draft, which means she’s read literally thousands of scripts. As part of this, she directs an auditioned company of 30+ professional S&CO Actors who perform winners' work on Zoom, stage and screen, so perhaps check them out when you’re casting your film.

Additionally, she teaches playwriting and screenwriting via SCRIPTWRITERS & CO. Her team offers coverage, courses and scriptwriting retreats, and she casts and curates table reads, live or on Zoom. S&CO also hosts competitive, pro bono Scratch Nights twice-yearly, free to enter and attend. These allow winning writers to see new work performed by their actors in a safe online space, with constructive notes afterwards.

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Zanna Cardash


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