Noel Davila, BSBA, CHT

Based in the U.S.A.

Noel is a writer, performer, and Podcaster based out of the New York City area. With a background in acting, theater arts, stage and screen writing, composing and scoring films utilizing his skills as a singer song writer, Noel looks to be an all around creator in the arts.

Many of the films Noel has written have been selected and featured at a number of Film Festivals including The New York International Film Festival; The Hudson Valley Film Festival; The Art is Alive Film Festival and many others.

They have gone on to be nominated and awarded for multiple awards including "Best Comedy Short" ,"Best Of", "Best make up", and many more.

Noel Davila, BSBA, CHT

Screenplays by Noel

Blind Date


Comedy, Romance, Dining Room, Restaurant, Two Pages

Maranda is nervously waiting for her blind date John whilst chatting to her friend Beth, who reminds her to keep an open mind.

Maranda has to pull out all the stops to comply when she finally meets the real John.

Comments available from Lucy V Hay and Simon Cox.

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